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Business Management Certificate and MBA Program in the Business of Eye Care

Gain business knowledge that you can apply as an eye care professional.  All eye care professionals are well served to have some business knowledge in order to succeed in the eye care industry. The Business Management Certificate in the Business of Eye Care offers an understanding on how to improve business operations. This program is specifically geared to eye care professionals and designed to equip students with practical business intelligence, management skills and research tools. You’ll learn how to make your work days more effective—so that while you keep one eye on your daily responsibilities, you can keep the other on big-picture goals.

This program is designed for:
  • current students at the Indiana University School of Optometry or another optometry professional school
  • practicing optometry professionals
  • non-OD professionals who are working in various support and management roles
Program Overview
  • Ultimate flexibility with web-based learning
  • Blended format with live instruction sessions
  • Eye care specific program designed for working professionals
  • Eye care courses taught by world-renowned faculty
  • A certificate/degree from a top-ranked program, recognized globally
  • Join and network with 100,000 living alumni
Business Management Certificate in the Business of Eye Care
  • Consists of four courses, 12 credit hours; three courses from the Kelley School of Business and one from the IU School of Optometry
  • Can be completed over the course of 12 months
  • Lasts 12 weeks per course
  • Does not require on-campus residency
Student Testimonials: OPT V506 Aspects of Practice Transition

“If you are considering private practice you should definitely take this course. Every bit of information we learned was useful. I love how optometry focused it was, too. Learning about business is a great tool to have in your toolbox, but being able to specifically apply it to our own profession is great.”

“This course is an excellent opportunity to start learning fundamental skills needed to run a practice. It helps you start planning for what your optometric career will look like early on.”

“It is a great class if you are considering running your own optometric practice in the future or becoming an associate for a practice to a partner to an owner. I have never taken any business classes before, and this really opened my eyes up to all the business behind the field of optometry that is key to understand in order to be very successful in the future.”

Transition to the Kelley School of Business MBA in the Business of Eye Care for eye care professionals

After you have earned your Business Management certificate, you can transfer up to twelve of your credit hours to the Online Kelley School of Business MBA in the Business of Eye Care. This first of its kind ever program provides all the benefits of an MBA education with the added bonus of having parts of the curriculum target specifically to the business that participants are in.

The online format allows for great flexibility, accommodates life changes and moves, and successfully translates across various time zones.  All twelve hours of the Kelley Business Management Certificate in the Business of Eye Care count toward the first requirements for the MBA.

For questions about how this program fits into your Eye Care Career, contact:

Todd Peabody, OD, MBA
Clinical Associate Professor
Associate Dean, Institutional Advancement

Neil A. Pence, OD
Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Care Services