How to Apply

Doctor of Optometry

Early Admission
Pre-optometry Requirements


A total of 90 semester hours of college credit are required as a minimum for early admission to the School of Optometry.

To qualify without a bachelor’s degree and apply as an early admission candidate, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 and a score of 320 on the Quantitative Reasoning and Total Science category with no other category below 300 on the Optometry Admission Test (OAT).

Pre-optometry requirements must be completed by the time you enter the Doctor of Optometry Program.

You must take your pre-optometry course work at an accredited institution and earn a grade of C or higher.

Up to 10 credit hours of of AP/CLEP is accepted and must be documented on an official undergraduate transcript.

Required Courses
Subject area Minimum credit hours required Comparable IU courses
General biology/zoology w/lab 4 BIO-L 112 and L 113
Advanced biology/zoology 3 See strongly recommended course list below
Microbiology w/lab 4 BIOL-M 250 and M 315 or M 380 and M 315
General/inorganic chemistry w/lab 8 CHEM-C 117 and N 330 or C 118
Biochemistry (can be listed under Biology) 3 CHEM-C 383, CHEM-C 483 or BIOL-M 350 (For Microbiology majors only)
Mathematics (one course) 3 Any course or courses fulfilling IU Math Modeling Requirements
General physics 8 PHY P 201 and P 202
Statistical techniques 3 STAT-S 300, PSY-K 300 or K 310, SPEA-K 300, ECON-E 370, MATH-K 310
Introductory psychology 3 PSY-P 101
English composition 3 ENG-W 131 or W 132
Additional intensive writing course 3 Intensive writing requirement

Students entering the Indiana University School of Optometry as an early admit must have completed the following courses in addition to the above:

Subject area Minimum credit hours required
Arts and humanities 6
Foreign language 6
Social and historical studies 6
Additional credits As needed

Of the 90 credit hours, at least 20 must be at the 300–400 level. A maximum of 60 semester hours may be taken at a community college. None of the specified courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis. The credit hours required in the individual subjects are considered absolute minimums, which must be met or exceeded.

Strongly Recommended Courses
Subject area Minimum credit hours required Comparable IU courses
Vertebrate or human anatomy with lab 5 ANAT-A 215
Physiology with lab 5 PHSL-P 215
Anatomy and physiology of the eye 3 OPT-V 201
Small business management 3 BUS X100
Explore entrepreneurship 3 BUS-W 212
Medical terminology 2 CLAS-C 209
History 4 ANAT-A 464