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In addition to our renowned Doctor of Optometry program, we offer a graduate program in vision science.

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Profile of the Doctor of Optometry program Class of 2019

The class entering in August, 2015 consists of 81 students from an applicant pool of 538.  There are 36 Indiana residents, 45 nonresidents from 17 states, and four Canadian residents.  There are 30 men and 51 women.  The median age is 23 years old and the age range is 21-46 years old. Nine percent are underrepresented minorities.

Academic Statistics: The cumulative undergraduate median GPA* is 3.43.  Ninety-four percent of the class earned a bachelor’s degree prior to entering the School of Optometry.

Optometry Admission Test (OAT) Means

Biology: 321
Physics: 297
General Chemistry: 327
Organic Chemistry: 318
Total Science: 313
Reading Comprehension: 343
Quantitative Reasoning: 321
Academic Average: 320

 *Medians and means are used in this profile. The median is the middle measure; one-half of the scores are above and one-half are below this number.  The mean is the average measure. ** OAT scores range from 200 (low) to 400 (high).  The national median is 300.