Alumni & Friends Spotlights

  • Michael Gettelfinger

    Michael Gettelfinger

    “No excuses, Indiana should be the most recognized and prestigious state for basketball, popcorn, and optometry.”

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  • Valerie Colby

    Valerie Colby
    B.S. '97, O.D.'99

    “I love talking with patients, getting to know each one, not only their eye problems, but their family and emotional things as well.”

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  • Aaron McNulty

    Aaron McNulty

    “Strongly consider doing a residency. I didn’t plan on doing a residency until late in my education, and I’m very glad I did. The advanced training was a great complement to the IUSO curriculum.”

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  • Larry J. Alexander

    Larry J. Alexander (1947-2016)
    B.S.'70, O.D.'71

    “Optometry has a lot to offer patients. The days of just selling glasses and contact lenses are gone. I am motivated to continue to spread the truth and the word about the intellectual capacity of the profession.”

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  • Vaughn Sanders

    Vaughn Sanders
    B.S.'68, O.D.'70

    “Optometry is a profession, not just a job, and we have so much to give. I have had the privilege of being at the forefront of optometry’s evolution in the United States from being a “drugless vision profession” into the “Primary Eyecare Provider.”

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  • Marjorie Knotts

    Doug Morrow
    B.S.'75, O.D.'77

     “I have been a donor to IUSO for nearly my entire career.  Optometry has given me a great profession and career, and I always felt that I needed to give back.”

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  • Marjorie Knotts

    Marjorie Knotts
    B.S.'77, O.D.'84

    "There are always challenges but optometry has always adapted. I am very optimistic about our profession's future."

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