Advanced Ocular Care

Our ocular disease specialists use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate and treat patients with glaucoma, age-related eye disorders, diabetic and hypertensive eye disease, and other eye and vision abnormalities.

In the event that you require a referral to a secondary care specialist, such as a neurologist, an internist, or a surgeon, the doctors can advise you of your alternatives and make arrangements for further care. They also provide complete pre- and postoperative care to those patients requiring cataract surgery as well as specialized retinal care for patients in need of other laser and surgical treatment.

How to make an appointment

Our ocular disease specialists see patients at the Atwater Eye Care Center in Bloomington and at the Indianapolis Eye Care Center.

Ocular disease examinations are a separate service at the Atwater Eye Care Center, and a referral is usually required from your eye doctor, general practitioner, or other physician for a first-time ocular disease appointment. If you do not have an eye care provider, a doctor in one of our eye care centers can examine your eyes and help you with an appropriate referral.

Ocular disease patients seen at the Indianapolis Eye Care Center do not require a referral.

If you have questions or would like to arrange for an appointment, contact:

Atwater Eye Care Center (Bloomington, Indiana)

Phone: 812-855-1671
Fax: 812-855-5157

Indianapolis Eye Care Center (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Phone: 317-321-1470
Fax: 317-321-1475