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Christopher Clark

Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Christopher Clark

OPT 521


  • O.D.–2005 (New England College of Optometry)
  • PhD–2013 (Indiana University)

Dr. Christopher A Clark received his O.D. in 2005 from the New England College of Optometry.  He then completed a research fellowship at the Borish Center for Ophthalmic Research through Indiana University.  Dr. Clark completed his Ph.D. in Vision Science at the Indiana University School of Optometry.   He has spent time doing clinical work at the Boston Foundation for Sight, Wenzhou Eye Hospital in China, and Donald Korb and Associates, amongst other places.  Dr. Clark has won multiple awards including the GPLI Clinical Excellence Award and the Heart of America Contact Lens student award.  


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Book Chapters

Elsner AE, Clark CA. Technology. In Photonics:Scientific Foundations, Technology, and Applications, Vol. IV (pp. 503-542). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley and Sons.


Dr. Clark’s research is in the area of retinal imaging and refractive development.  This may have applications for contact lens treatment option to slow myopia progression.  This work has applications in his work has been funded by the NIH and industry grants.