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Jane Ann Grogg

Clinical Professor, Director of IU Health Center Eye Clinic

Jane Ann Grogg



  • OD–1994 (Indiana University)
Courses Taught

Applied Ocular Therapeutics


Dr. Jane Ann Grogg is a Clinical Professor at Indiana University School of Optometry. For seven years, she served as the Chief of the Advanced Ocular Care Service.  Before returning to her alma mater in 1996, she held a staff position at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.  Her clinical interests are in the area of ocular disease with a special interest in glaucoma and retina.  She has served as the clinic director of the eye clinic at the IU Health Center for many years, specializing in acute anterior segment disease management.  Dr. Grogg serves as program coordinator of the ocular disease residency program providing mentorship and education to the ocular disease resident.  In addition to her clinical teaching responsibilities, Dr. Grogg is the instructor of record for the Applied Ocular Therapeutics course and lectures on selected topics in the ocular disease courses. 

Dr. Grogg is member of the Optometric Glaucoma Society, a fellow of the Optometric Retinal Society and a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.  She serves on the peer review panel of Clinical and Experimental Optometry.  Dr. Grogg has received two university teaching excellence recognition awards during her academic appointment.  She lectures at continuing education courses on a local, state and national level and has publications in OVS and Clinical and Experimental Optometry.  Dr. Grogg lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and three children.  She enjoys traveling, attending her children’s athletic events, gardening and caring for a menagerie of family pets.

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