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Shirin E. Hassan

Associate Professor

Shirin E. Hassan

OP 510


  • BAppSc(Optom)–1996 (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia)
  • Ph.D.–2001 (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia)
Courses Taught

Dr. Hassan is also involved in teaching the following courses:

  • Course instructor of lectures titled, Understanding Refractive Errors and Anterior Eye Diseases, for the CE online course, Understanding Visual Impairments and Functional Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired Patients, published by Emerald Education Systems. Register or view more details.

Teaching within the Indiana School of Optometry:          

  • Course instructor of V 765: Oxyopia Research Seminar Series (Graduate Vision Science Program)
  • Lecturer for V 501 Integrative Optometry 1 (1st Year O.D. Course)
  • Course instructor of V 751: Low Vision Rehabilitation (3rd Year O.D. Course)

Dr. Shirin E. Hassan joined the Indiana University School of Optometry faculty at the end of November 2007. Originally from Australia, Dr. Hassan completed her optometry training in 1996 at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia, and practiced part-time as a primary care and low vision optometrist where she specializes in the visual rehabilitation of visually impaired people. Dr. Hassan finished her Ph.D. studies in optometry at QUT, Brisbane, Australia, in 2001 after which she undertook a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Lions Vision Research and Rehabilitation Center at the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Following her postdoc, Dr. Hassan served as assistant professor of ophthalmology from 2003–2007 at The Johns Hopkins University, Wilmer Eye Institute, Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Hassan was invited to join the IU School of Optometry faculty in 2007 as a tenured track faculty member where she continues her successful and active funded research program and provides low vision patient care and didactic education to optometry students in the area of low vision.

Dr. Hassan is a fully qualified optometrist registered to practice in Australia and in Indiana. Dr. Hassan currently provides low vision rehabilitation patient care to patients presenting at the Indiana University School of Optometry Low Vision Rehabilitation Service.

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