Faculty Directory

Elli J. Kollbaum

Clinical Associate Professor, Chief of Vision Rehabilitation Service, Director of External Rotation Program

Elli J. Kollbaum

IU School of Optometry, Rm 526
800 E. Atwater Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405

(812) 855-0831

  • O.D.–1997 (Indiana University)
  • B.A.–1993 (University of Notre Dame)
Courses Taught

V 631 Optics III (Low Vision Optics Lecture Series)

V 751 Vision Rehabilitation

V 680, V 786, V 787, V 788, V 789 Primary Care Clinic

V 885  Bloomington Clinic (Vision Rehabilitation Service)

V 888  External Clinic


Dr. Elli Kollbaum is an associate clinical professor at IU School of Optometry.  She is currently the chief of the Vision Rehabilitation Service and the director of the External Rotation Program.  Dr. Kollbaum sees patients with visual impairment from ocular disease, stroke, and brain injury, and implements treatment plans to improve quality of life and increase function in everyday life.  Dr. Kollbaum staffs the primary care service and teaches in the classroom on topics including low vision optics and vision rehabilitation.  Her scholarly activity includes research in microperimetry, and other assessment tools for visual impairment as well as management strategies.  Her professional service includes serving as chair of the Low Vision Educators’ Special Interest Group, a team working together to improve optometric education on the topics of low vision.

Dr. Kollbaum has presented continuing education and her research work at national meetings including ARVO and AAO.  She also has spoken at community events on the state and local level on topics related to visual impairment.  In her free time, Dr. Kollbaum enjoys running, hiking, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Elsner AE; Petrig BL, Papay JA, Kollbaum EJ, Clark CA, Muller MS.  Fixation Stability and Scotoma Mapping for Patients With Low VisionOptometry & Vision Science. 2013: 90(2):164-173.

Barbara Junghans and Helen Dalton , Editors.  A Compendium Of Low Vision Learning Activities From Around The World .  Available on the Australian Government Website thru the Office of Learning and Teaching: http://www.olt.gov.au/

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Kollbaum E.  Homonymous Hemianopsia and Driving:  Is it safe?  Indiana Journal of Optometry. Fall 2005.


EJ Kollbaum, CA Clark, BP Haggerty, BL Petrig, and A.E. Elsner.  Word Recognition with Varied Visual Noise Levels in the Laser Scanning Digital Camera Stimulator.  Envision Conference, St Louis, MO;  Sept 2012           

 “Vision Rehabilitation:  Using Theory and Research in the Exam Room” 2 HR CE.  Envision Conference, St. Louis, MO;  Sept 2011 (Co-presented with Shirin Hassan)

 “VI/VR Eligibility”; “Eye Disease & Functional Vision”; “Low Vision Issues” State of Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Conference; May 2010, August 2011  

 “Hemianopsia:  The Other Half of the Story” 1 HR CE. AAO Annual Meeting  Orlando, FL;  Nov 2009


Vision rehabilitation and visual impairment, specifically assessment tools and management strategies.