David A. Goss

Professor Emeritus of Optometry

OP 530


  • O.D.–1974 (Pacific University)
  • Ph.D.–1980 (Indiana University)
Courses Taught

His current teaching assignments are courses in the theory, measurement, diagnosis, and management of binocular vision problems and in basic vision therapy.

V 551 Clinical Sciences II
V 652 Clinical Sciences III: Accommodation and Binocular Vision
V 666 Binocular vision

Guest lectures in various courses on a variety of topics, including history of optometry


David A. Goss holds degrees from Illinois Wesleyan University (B.A., Biology, 1970), Pacific University (O.D., 1974), and Indiana University (Ph.D., Physiological Optics, 1980). Before entering graduate school at Indiana, he practiced optometry in the office of Drs. Lande and Crouch in Storm Lake, Iowa. He served on the faculty of Northeastern State University College of Optometry (Tahlequah, Oklahoma) from 1980 to 1992. He has been professor of optometry at Indiana University since 1992.

Dr. Goss has been a member Editorial Board, Optometry and Vision Development (1997–2012), member Review Board, Journal of Behavioral Optometry (2004–2012), member Journal Review Board, Optometry and Visual Performance (2013–present).

Dr. Goss is the author of more than 300 publications, including more than 70 refereed papers, more than 40 literature reviews, and more than 80 book reviews. Most of his research papers have been on the topics of myopia, clinical analysis of accommodation and vergence, and the history of optometry. He has also published on the history of spectacle lens wear and vision problems of baseball players. He is the author of 12 book chapters on various topics and has written a textbook entitled Ocular Accommodation, Convergence, and Fixation Disparity: A Manual of Clinical Analysis, now in its third edition. He was co-editor of a book entitled Eye and Vision Conditions in the American Indian (1990), and was co-author with Dr. Ted Grosvenor of Clinical Management of Myopia (1999). His fourth book, Introduction to the Optics of the Eye, with Dr. Roger W. West as co-author, was published in 2002.

Dr. Goss’s current research and scholarly activity centers on two different areas, one being clinical testing and analysis procedures for accommodation and convergence, and the other being optometry history. Coincident with the evolution of the standard optometric examination is the importance of continuing to evaluate the best clinical methods to assess accommodation and vergence function. To this end, Dr. Goss is examining the repeatability of and comparisons among clinical tests of accommodation and convergence, the effect of nearpoint lenses on accommodative response, and related topics. 

The study of optometry history is important to the profession because it helps to better understand its present status, to plan for the future in a more informed manner, and to honor those individuals who have made the profession what it is today. Dr. Goss’s historical research focuses largely on the relation of book and periodical literature to the development of optometry, on the history of optometric education, and on the lives of persons who have contributed to our knowledge of binocular vision.