Victor E. Malinovsky

Clinical Professor Emeritus of Optometry

OP 505


  • B.S. Optometry–1971 (Indiana University)
  • O.D.–1973 (Indiana University)
Courses Taught

V 644 Ocular Disease 1

V 745 Ocular Disease 2

V 749 Applied Ocular Therapeutics


Dr. Victor Malinovsky is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Optometry, with a Bachelor of Science in Optometry in 1971 and his Optometry degree in 1973.  After graduation he served three years as a naval optometrist.  After leaving the Navy, he spent three years as a clinical instructor at The Ohio State School of Optometry and owned a private practice.  In 1979 he became a full-time faculty member at Ferris State University School of Optometry in Big Rapids, Michigan.  During his 10 years at Ferris State University he became a full professor of optometry.  He taught courses in all areas of ocular disease and was chief of the Ocular Disease Service.  In 1987 he returned to his alma mater, Indiana University School of Optometry, as a clinical associate professor.  He served as an associate dean for clinics for six years. He was promoted to full clinical professor in 2001.   His areas of didactic and clinical expertise are ocular diseases and he is coordinator for the ocular disease courses at the school.  He also served as chief of the Ophthalmic Disease Service and specializes in diagnosis and management of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.  He lectures extensively in continuing education courses in many different areas of ocular disease.  He has served on a number of national optometric committees and has been the chairperson of the Ellerbrock Continuing Education Program of the American Academy of Optometry.

Dr. Malinovsky has been voted 16 times as 3rd-year teacher of the year at the school and received three TERA awards for his teaching excellence by the faculty.  He has received the coveted President’s Award at Indiana University for teaching excellence and the American Optometric Foundation’s Michael G. Harris Family Award for Excellence in Optometric Education.

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Dr. Malinovsky has conducted research in age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, and dry eyes.  Dr. Malinovsky is presently a co-investigator on Dr. William Swanson NEI grant (Application of Psychophysical Models to Visual Disorders).