Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Requirements

To be considered for the Advanced Placement program applicants must:

  • Have graduated from an International Optometry or Medical program
  • Complete all required course work within the past 10 years
  • Take the OAT exam.  The GRE is acceptable if the OAT is not offered in your country. **Please note that while IUSO does not require an entrance exam for the 4-year OD program, we do require an exam to be considered for Advanced Placement.
  • If you are not a permanent resident of the U.S., all international students whose native language is not English, will require the TOEFL.

The Advanced Placement application deadline for the
Doctor of Optometry program entering Fall of 2023 is
on Friday, October 14, 2022

Learn more about the OptomCAS application

Before you apply, please contact the Office of Student Administration to discuss your application:

Luke Bilotta, Associate Director of Recruitment
Phone:  812-855-4666
Fax:  812-855-4389

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