IUSO Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

General Information

Consistent with University guidance, IUSO has suspended face-to-face teaching activities (didactic lectures, labs, and student involvement in patient care at AECC, IECC, and external rotation sites) from MAR 23, 2020 to APR 05, 2020.

Unless otherwise updated, regular teaching as well as student involvement in patient care at IUSO and external clinics will resume on APR 06, 2020.


The appearance of the COVID-19 virus in 2019 and its further spread in 2020 presented IUSO, IU, and the rest of the world with challenges unlike those ever seen before.

As a result, IU has had to make many decisions on behalf of their students, their faculty, their staff, and their administration based on the best data available at that time.

IUSO follows all explicit decisions handed down by IU.  Those decisions - including decisions on the suspension of face-to-face teaching - are compiled at protect.iu.edu, and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.  Further guidance on Didactic Classes, Clinical and Dispensary Responsibilities, Staff Information, and Faculty Information can be found by scrolling further down the page.

IUSO also follows the advice of health professionals and organizations; thus, we recommend regular hand washing and social distancing as effective ways to reduce the spread of this virus.  Information on these topics can also be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.

 We know that the appearance of this virus has introduced stress into everyone's life.  We hope that information on this page will make your time at IUSO less stressful during this crisis.

Joe Bonanno, Dean
Rowan Candy, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Kim Kohne, Associate Dean for Students
Neil Pence, Associate Dean for Clinical and Patient Affairs
Pete Kollbaum, Associate Dean for Research
Steve Burns, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Todd Peabody, Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement

Information for Faculty

IUSO faculty have been presented with a unique challenge during this event.

Further information about moving course content to the online arena can be found by clicking on the links below