Our services go far beyond glasses.

The Indiana University School of Optometry eye care centers offer the following services to our patients:

Proper care of your eyes is important.

Many of you go to your family doctors to get regular physical examinations. You also visit the dentist twice a year to ensure the health of your teeth. In just the same way, annual visits to your eye care practitioner help to guarantee healthy and normal vision. We sometimes overlook that much of the world as we know and perceive it is brought to us via our eyes. In fact, almost four-fifths of all the sensory information our brains receive daily comes from our eyes. Consequently, it is of vital importance to monitor their health from year to year.

An annual visit enables your eye care professional to evaluate any changes and correct any difficulties that you may be having with your sight. The message is clear: early diagnosis of any potential problems decreases the chances of severe damage to your sight. Older adults, in particular, should be aware that the probability of having vision disorders increases with age. Even though you might not be experiencing any trouble, the threat is there and you should visit your eye care practitioner regularly.

If you are having reservations about seeing your eye doctor please read about what you might encounter from a routine vision examination. You will come to find eye examinations are a painless and informative method for assessing your eyes.

For more information about the services we provide and/or questions about your vision, please go to the All About Vision website.