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If you’re considering the IU School of Optometry, we encourage you to visit. There’s nothing like walking around the iconic IU Bloomington campus, and you’ll find there’s plenty to see and do here in our gem of a college town.

Reasons Why: Bloomington and IU School of Optometry YouTube video.    

Description of the video:


[Video: Begins with an aerial scene of downtown Bloomington, Indiana]

[Voice over:] There is a reason why Bloomington, Indiana is voted one of the best places to live in the US.

[Video: A medium size ski boat cruises across Lake Monroe]

[Voice over:] Beautiful landscapes,

[Video: A group of students sitting outside under café umbrellas drinking coffee]

[Voice over:] a vibrant social scene,

[Video: A wide shot view shows that the students are sitting in a patio area on the grounds of the Indiana University Memorial Union]

[Voice over:] and a wonderful community

[Video: Shows a flyer covered telephone pole that features concerts and local events and also the Historic Von Lee building just outside the infamous Sample Gates]

[Voice over:] Open your eyes to all Bloomington has to offer.

[Video: Footage of one of the many crimson and gold trimmed antique clocks on campus that is surrounded by flowers and ornamental grasses.]

[Voice over:] Unwind on the water.

[Video: Scene of Lake Monroe at sunset]

[Voice over:] Shop Local.

[Video: A person with a bike walks across the intersection of downtown Bloomington]

[Voice over:] Catch a game.

[Video: Footage of the IU football team heading out on the field while each player touches Hep’s Rock, (a giant boulder) for good luck]

[Voice over:] Check out a Broadway show.

[Video: The exterior of the IU Auditorium is shown decorated with giant promotional banners from then current season events and there are also people walking into the building]

[Voice over:] Or an international film fest finalist.

[Video: Two gentlemen are talking, one of them is Michael E. Uslan who was the producer of the Batman movies in front of the actual Batmobile from the 1984 Warner Bros. movie]

[Voice over:] Groove to the music.

[Video: A young man is shown singing and dancing in a recording studio booth.]

[Voice over:] Take a hike.

[Video: Another group of students are walking along a trail that is on the water’s edge.]

[Voice over:] Or a stroll.

[Video: A college-age couple is shown walking down Bloomington’s B-Line pedestrian trail.]

[Voice over:] Explore the architecture and charm of neighboring towns and cities

[Video: Brief clips of unique buildings and architecture that are located in downtown Columbus and Indianapolis, Indiana]

[Voice over:] Go on a culinary adventure.

[Video: A sous chef is shown cutting up ingredients for a tasty meal]

[Voice over:] Now look closer,

[Video: A crane shot of the IU Sample Gates in fall with colorful Mums are in raised flower beds and all the tree leaves are multiple shades of gold and red.]

[Voice over:] Bloomington is home to one of the best optometry programs in the nation. Where you will serve patients of all ages and backgrounds

[Video: An optometry student escorting a patient to a clinic exam room and brief shots are shown of the student performing different vision screening tests on the patient, located in the Atwater Eye Care Center.]

[Voice over:] Learn alongside the best of the practice.

[Video: An IU School of Optometry faculty member, Dr. Don Lyon lecturing an entire class of optometry students]

[Voice over:] Have an opportunity to get involved and give back.

[Video: Shows Dr. Lyon on a mission trip to Rwanda and conducting an eye exam on what appears to be an under-privilege youth.]

[Voice over:] What’s the best part? You’ll join our family. Build relationships that last a lifetime.

[Video: Series of brief shots of current optometry students sitting around a conference room table interacting with each other and then another scene is shown of two students sitting in front of a large glass window have a fun conversation.]

[Voice over:] Discover what it takes to lead with vision.

[Video: A faculty member, Dr. Patty Henderson is in her clinic office shaking hands with a female optometry student about to discuss patient care and the scene changes to show again the optometry students in the conference room also discussing patient care.]

[Voice over:] We can’t’ wait to see you at the Indiana University School of Optometry.

[Video: An aerial shot of the exterior front of the IU School of Optometry building which also shows the surrounding tree lined landscape.]

[End of Music]

Indiana University School of Optometry name/logo appears and the school’s web address,

[End of transcript]

Download a campus map for a self guided tour, and find things to do in Bloomington while you’re here. You’ll want to experience everything you can.

To arrange a personal visit, simply contact us at 812-855-1917 or

IU School of Optometry may be visiting your university. View our 2020 recruitment tour schedule or visit our events and recruitment page which includes open houses, webinars and student recruitment receptions.

Please note: alert regarding COVID-19 pandemic

In response to COVID-19, IU’s School of Optometry is unfortunately canceling all visits. Until you’re able to join us on campus, we invite you to continue your exploration of IU School of Optometry:

  • Schedule a one-on-one virtual advising appointment with Kevin Schmidt and receive guidance concerning prerequisite classes, application information and learn more about the IU School of Optometry.
  • Stay up-to-date with new COVID-19 policies for the Doctor of Optometry program 2020–2021 application cycle.
  • Register to participate in an online recruitment presentation for the Doctor of Optometry program.
  • Take part in one of the IU School of Optometry Conversation webinar series, each episode featuring IUSO faculty, distinguished leaders in optometry and current optometry students.
  • Connect with us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • See what makes IUSO and Bloomington so special and take a virtual tour, which highlights key spots on campus.
  • See how IU is helped students transition to online learning for the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Contact the IU School of Optometry with questions or concerns at

For additional information regarding IU School of Optometry’ planning and response to COVID-19, please visit

An overhead view of the inside of the Indiana Memorial Union
A diverse group of students sit along a stone wall between classes.
Showalter Fountain at dusk, lit up by the IU Auditorium behind it
The front lobby of the Biddle Hotel has a seating area with four plush leather seats and a concierge desk.

Stay at the Biddle Hotel

The Indiana Memorial Union’s Biddle Hotel and Conference Center is the perfect place to stay while you’re visiting. It’s in the middle of campus, but also walkable to some of Bloomington’s best restaurants, shops, museums, culture, and nightlife.

Book a room

We’re visiting a school near you

Nikolas Jones, Associate Director of Recruitment, is hosting Zoom presentations with Pre-Optometry/Pre-Health clubs throughout the year. To see when he is presenting to your school, or check his availability to speak with you and your club, check out his Travel Calendar.

Nikolas would love to connect with you and talk about the field of Optometry, the admissions process, and what makes IUSO special. Feel free to reach out to him at to schedule a meeting with you and/or your organization.

Contact the Office of Student Administration

For Doctor of Optometry program admission questions or to schedule an advising appointment, please contact:

Office of Student Administration
Indiana University School of Optometry
800 E. Atwater Avenue
Second Floor*
Bloomington, IN 47405

*Until further notice, the Office of Student Administration will be working remotely.

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