Primary Care Exams

Protect your eyes and vision with a primary care eye exam

Many patients see a family doctor for regular physical exams, even when they are healthy and active. They also visit the dentist twice a year, whether or not they have cavities. In just the same way, regular visits to your eye doctor help to guarantee normal and healthy vision—even if you feel you have perfect eyesight.

Primary eye care means that your eyes function properly, that you are able to see up close and far away, and that you are free from any eye disorders or diseases that can cause severe or permanent damage to your vision.

An optometry student uses a split lamp to examine an elderly patient's eyes.

The most thorough eye exam you’ll ever receive

We perform an extensive list of tests to assess your vision and evaluate your ocular health.

It takes longer than your ordinary eye exam because it isn’t an ordinary eye exam. The extra time and energy guarantees the most thorough and comprehensive eye exam you’ll receive anywhere.

These tests help determine the best glasses or contact lens prescription, if you need them. Primary care exams also help us detect health problems and diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration.

What to expect at your exam

The best in the business, always very meticulous in my exam. I will not go anywhere else.

Indianapolis Eye Care Center patient

Make an appointment today if you have any of these symptoms:

Blurred vision
Burning, itching, or red eyes
Watery eyes
Flashes of light
Double vision

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