Ph.D. in Vision Science

Earn a Ph.D. in Vision Science

The Ph.D. in Vision Science is offered to top students worldwide. With leading programs in biology, optics, imaging, and vision science, you can prepare for a career in academic or industry research while interacting each week with professionals in the field.

A diverse group of students at the Oxyopia seminar

Oxyopia: where visionaries share their work

Each semester, Ph.D. students are required to register for and participate in the weekly Vision Science Seminar, known as Oxyopia, the Greek word for “acute vision.” In these weekly seminars, you will hear from optometry faculty, graduate students, and visiting lecturers on their recent intellectual activity—or you may present your own.

Detecting glaucoma sooner with new imaging techniques

Dr. Donald T. Miller, a professor at the IU School of Optometry, and his research associates have created a new, noninvasive ophthalmoscopy method to see individual cells at the back of the eye, allowing eye care practitioners to directly count, for the first time ever, the cells that die in glaucoma and detect the disease earlier than with current clinical methods.

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Earn a Ph.D. in Vision Science