Alumni Awards

Foley House Alumni Awards

Foley House alumni awards have been presented each year since 1976 to recognize Indiana University School of Optometry's most dedicated and distinguished alumni. In 2023, IUSO added an Early Career Award.

2023 Foley House award recipients

Dr. Melvin Shipp

Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Shipp was honored for his pre-eminent status within the field of optometry.

Dr. David Weigel

Basement Key Award

Dr. Weigel was honored for his significant contributions to the IU School of Optometry.

Dr. Laura Suppa

Early Career Award

Dr. Laura Suppa was recognized for signficant contributions to the profession during the early years of her career.

The Foley House tradition

Located at 744 East Third Street, the Foley House served as the IU Optometry Clinic for ten years before the present building was constructed.

The Foley House Basement Door Key Award has been presented each year since 1976 to an alumnus/a who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and/or service to the IU School of Optometry

The school added a second award, the Foley House Distinguished Alumni Award, in 2015.  The award recognizes an IUSO alumnus/a who has spent significant time dedicated to excellence in optometry, has represented the School well throughout his/her career, and has reached pre-eminent status in the field of optometry.

In 2023, the school added a third award, the Foley House Early Career Award. This award recognizes an IUSO alumnus/a who is in the early stages of their career and has already made outstanding contributions to the field of optometry.