Cost & Aid

Estimated cost of attendance (Doctor of Optometry)

Tuition and fees$28,876$41,052
Books and clinic equipment$5,124$5,124
Living allowance$20,008$20,008
TOTAL$54, 008$66,184
Second year
Tuition and fees$28,996$41,532
Books and clinic equipment$3,232$3,232
Living allowance$20,008$20,008
Summer intro to clinic
Mandatory fees$445$445
Classroom and clinic supplies$293$293
Living Allowance$7,194$7,194
Third year
Tuition and fees$28,876$41,052
Books and clinic equipment$1,556$1,556
Living allowance$20,008$20,008
Fourth year (Summer)
Tuition and fees$7,024$10,158
Living allowance$7,194$7,194
Fourth year (Fall/Spring)
Tuition and fees$20,384$29,786
Books and clinic equipment$2,810$2,810
Living allowance$20,008$20,008

Apply for financial aid

The first step in applying for financial aid is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When you complete your FAFSA, request that the information be sent to IU Bloomington at school code 001809.

By filing your FAFSA, you will be applying for most of the financial aid options below, including loans, grants, work-study, and even some scholarships.

Submit your FAFSA

Student loan options

There are three major student loan programs that can help with your cost of attendance.

  • You can apply for a Federal Direct Loan (also known as a Stafford Loan) regardless of your financial need or credit history.
  • You can borrow up to your estimated cost of attendance, minus any other financial aid you receive, with a Graduate PLUS Loan.
  • You can be considered for a Health Professions Loan simply by providing parent data on your FAFSA. Health Professions Loans are need-based, competitive loans available to students pursuing degrees in optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, or medicine.

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