Primary Eye Care

Routine eye and vision care is provided at all of our eye care centers. If you wear glasses or are in need of a comprehensive eye and vision examination, or if you have symptoms such as blurred vision, burning or itching eyes, watery eyes, redness in the eyes, headaches, flashes of light, double vision, or other symptoms that concern you, our primary eye care service doctors will provide evaluation and treatment.

The doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination including an assessment of your vision as well as an evaluation of your ocular health. He or she will perform a battery of tests to assess visual function and to help determine the best spectacle or contact lens prescription if corrective lenses are necessary. During the ocular health evaluation, the doctor will measure intraocular pressure and thoroughly examine your eyes with dilation. Dilating the pupils enables the doctor to detect problems or disease processes such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or macular degeneration. You may be referred to one of our specialty services if your needs require it.