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  • Anterior Segment Disorders

    Anterior Segment Disorders

    Research pertaining to disorders of the anterior segment, including the cornea, lens, tear film and aqueous, which can lead to visual disturbance, discomfort, or pain. Studies include related molecular mechanisms, impact on contact lens use, and treatment of dry eye or corneal edema.

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  • Imaging and Visual Function

    Imaging and Visual Function

    Research related to visualizing and quantifying key components of the eye, optic tract, and brain structures, mapping visual function, and investigating novel imaging techniques, physiology, and visual task capability. Studies include localizing and characterizing visual deficits of ocular structures and brain centers responsible for visual function.

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  • Pediatric Vision

    Pediatric Vision

    Research related to problems in the development of the visual system, visual acuity and binocular vision, and eye growth and coordination, and the relationship of those processes to neural development and brain maturation in children.

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  • Refractive Optics

    Refractive Optics

    Research pertaining to focusing retinal images through the optical design of spectacles that correct higher order optical aberrations or reduce the impact of loss of lens mobility that occurs with aging, and contact lenses that are not impacted by eye movement.

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  • Retinal Disease and Neuropathy

    Retinal Disease and Neuropathy

    Research into early detection of ocular or systemic diseases that affect the retina and optic nerve: age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Includes studies of two key structures—retinal neurons and support cells, and the retinal vasculature—their impact on vision loss, and the development of model systems.

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